Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Valuable Artwork

If you own valuable artwork and are getting ready to move, you may be wondering how you should go about moving these pieces. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you as you prepare to move these pieces to a new home.

Will Most Moving Companies Move Valuable Artwork?

If you have valuable artwork that needs to be moved when you are changing residences, you may wonder if this is something a mover can do for you or whether you will have to hire a shipper familiar with transporting fine art. Generally speaking, most large moving companies will transport artwork for their customers. However, you can expect to pay any additional fees for materials that are needed to ensure the artwork isn't damaged during the move, such as crates, specialty sized boxes, and packing materials.

What Precautions Are Taken to Ensure the Artwork Isn't Damaged During the Move?

There are many different types of artwork and each needs to be protected differently. For example, a sculpture may need to be wrapped in soft pack and then bubble wrap before being crated or placed in appropriate box. A framed piece of artwork needs to have corner protectors placed around the frame to shield it from banging during transport, and then it should be tightly wrapped in bubble wrap and taped before going into a box with packing peanuts. A flat piece of artwork can then be placed in a corrugated box or a mirror box. An unframed piece of artwork needs to be put on top of a sturdy piece of cardboard and then covered with tissue paper or newspaper that is taped to the cardboard (avoid the artwork). A piece of cardboard should be placed on the top, and then more cardboard can be added to the top and bottom and taped together. The artwork can then placed in a snug-fitting corrugated box so the corners and edges don't get bent while the item is being transported. A great moving company will be able to tell you exactly how they can protect your piece of artwork during the move and why this is done. If you have any concerns about the materials they will be using, ask them why they are using those materials and bring up materials you feel may be a better fit. They should be able to tell you why the materials they are using are superior for your specific piece of artwork.

Should I Buy Additional Insurance When Moving Valuable Artwork?

If you are moving anything of value, it is always recommended that you purchase additional moving insurance. All moving companies are required to carry moving insurance to compensate you if your items are damaged or go missing during a move. However, the type of insurance they are required to carry and provide you for free is referred to as released value protection insurance. If anything is damaged, this type of insurance will only pay you $0.60 per pound. A valuable piece of artwork can weigh as little as a pound or two, meaning you will only get $0.60–$1.20 for that piece of artwork if you do not buy additional insurance.

Most moving companies will offer you the option of buying full-value insurance. This offers you the full value of any of your items if they go missing or are damaged. Typically, when you are buying this type of coverage from a moving company, you have to state the full value on all of the items you are moving. For example, you can't pick and choose which items to cover and which items not to include in the coverage. However, many insurance companies also offer moving insurance to protect your high-value items, such as jewelry, artwork and even electronics. With this type of insurance coverage, you may be able to pick and choose what items to cover and what not to cover. However, keep in mind that you may also have to get an insurance appraisal with this type of policy.

Moving artwork is different from moving furniture and other household goods. It needs to be cautiously moved to ensure it doesn't become damaged. It also needs additional insurance so you receive its full value should it become damaged. Learning about the process of moving your valuable artwork will help you to prepare for your upcoming move. Contact a representative from a moving service like Wheaton World Wide Moving to see what services and insurance they can offer for your artwork.