How To Make Your Move Less Stressful On Your Family And Pets

While moving is an exciting process that offers new experiences, it can also be challenging for your family and pets. Financial management and moving logistics can be stressful for the adult, and kids tend to face separation anxiety because as they leave their familiar surroundings and good friends. Additionally, pets can display signs of stress and anxiety due to all the commotion of moving. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the move less stressful and more convenient for your family and pets . Consider using one or more of the following tips and tricks:

Invest in Collapsible Pet Crates

An excellent way to keep your pets happy as you're packing, moving furniture, and deep cleaning, is to keep a collapsible crate in the house for each pet. When the crates aren't in use, you can keep them in a closet, under a couch or bed, or even behind a door to keep them out of the way. When you're ready to use the crates, just set them up and put them in a quiet area of your home where your pets will likely stay calm and comfortable. A bathroom, a walk-in closet, or a room that's already been packed are effective options.

Put your pets' favorite toys and bedding in their crates with them so they're surrounded by familiar things and feel secure while crated. You can put your pets in the crates when things get busy around the house and when your movers are working to ensure that no cat or dog gets out of the house and is lost in all the commotion.

Break up Your Mover's Work into Sessions

Instead of scheduling your movers to work in one long session, consider scheduling their services for just a few hours a day in the days leading up to your move. By working just three or four hours a day, your movers can be in and out before the kids get home from school or while the family is out picnicking in the park.

This will help minimize the chaos within your household as the family gets ready for the move and give everyone break each day to enjoy some downtime and to get things organized for the movers.

Scheduling your movers to work when nobody is home will give them the freedom and flexibility they need to get their jobs done without having to work around your family or pets – just make sure to crate your pets on the days that the movers are scheduled to work.

Make a Pre-Visit to Your New Neighborhood

Visiting your new neighborhood before the actual move is a great way to get your family and pets comfortable with the move and make it easier for everyone to acclimate once you start settling into your new home. Take some time to visit the new school during lunch time so your kids can get to know their peers and you can learn about their teachers.

Take your dog to the park so they can get used to their new environment. Take a family walk around the block so you can become familiar with the other families and pets living there. You should also visit the local grocery store, community center, library, healthcare clinics, and business centers in the area so you're familiar with it all by the time you make your move.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you should be able to keep stress levels low and excitement levels high within your household throughout the entire process of your move – and every person and pet should be able to quickly acclimate to their new environment once the move is complete.

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