Three Options For Moving A Grand Piano

Grand pianos are not called grand just because they make beautiful music. They are "grand" because of their massive size. To get one in and out of one's home is quite the task. It requires experienced commercial movers who know how to move pianos. Depending on where you live and the sizes of the openings through which to move your piano, you may move it one of three ways.

Single Unit, Piano Dolly Style

You need to have some really wide door openings to manage this type of piano move. Essentially, the movers stick a piano dolly (or two) underneath the body of the piano. The sound board box is wrapped so that it does not fall or flap around. Then the dollies are used to push and pull the piano through every opening. This is not recommended if you do not live on the ground floor or you have very narrow doorways.

Multiple Parts with the Piano on Its Side

Another option is to remove the legs on the piano. After the legs are removed, the movers very carefully tilt the piano onto its straightest side onto an extra long dolly. This dolly is able to move the weight of the grand piano and pass it through narrow doorways. You will have to make sure that the height of your doorways can allow the piano from the keyboard to the far end of the sound board through the doorway, plus the few inches for the height of the cart. The legs are wrapped in foam and loaded on the moving truck separately.

Out a Higher Story Window

If your piano is up several flights of stairs, there is no working freight elevator, or it would be impossible to move the piano out of the doors in your apartment, you may still be able to move the piano through a very large window. More to the point, a set of French doors that open onto your balcony would allow the removal of the piano. The movers would have to hire a crane to assist with this unique move, but it would get your grand piano safely out of the apartment from several stories up.

When you call around looking for commercial movers who can move a piano, explain some of the challenges you have with this move. The owner of the company may be able to visit your apartment and size things up to see how such a move can be completed. Pick the mover who has the most feasible and safest plan to move this treasured instrument. For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Correira Brothers' Moving and Storage.