How To Make Your Move Less Stressful On Your Family And Pets

While moving is an exciting process that offers new experiences, it can also be challenging for your family and pets. Financial management and moving logistics can be stressful for the adult, and kids tend to face separation anxiety because as they leave their familiar surroundings and good friends. Additionally, pets can display signs of stress and anxiety due to all the commotion of moving. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the move less stressful and more convenient for your family and pets .

Moving Day Checklist: 5 Awesome Tips For A Smooth Move

Preparing for a move can seem like a daunting task. Are you feeling frazzled as the big day approaches, wondering if you're forgetting anything? Well, have no fear! Here's a checklist of five simple things you can do to ensure a smooth move for both you and the movers.   Have your items ready Some people opt to pay the movers to pack their things, but this is generally worked out ahead of time.

Maryland Boaters: Don't Lose Your Stored Watercraft To Identity Theft

Identity theft can wreak havoc on your finances. If a thief gets ahold of your personal information, they could take all the money in your bank account and max out your credit cards. That's not all that you could lose, though. If you're storing a boat in a Maryland storage facility for the winter, and someone steals your debit or credit card information, you could eventually lose your boat. To prevent this from happening, you need to let the facility storing your boat know if your financial information has been stolen.

Dealing with "Non-Allowables" When Hiring a Packing Service

Packing services give you an opportunity to have your belongings prepped for a big move without lifting a finger. But while your moving company's ready and willing to do all the heavy lifting, there are some things that even they won't touch. The following provides an in-depth explanation of what these "non-allowables" are as well as other ways you can safely transport or dispose of them. Common Non-Allowables Packing up bedding, clothing, and various other items is no big deal for a typical packing service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Valuable Artwork

If you own valuable artwork and are getting ready to move, you may be wondering how you should go about moving these pieces. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you as you prepare to move these pieces to a new home. Will Most Moving Companies Move Valuable Artwork? If you have valuable artwork that needs to be moved when you are changing residences, you may wonder if this is something a mover can do for you or whether you will have to hire a shipper familiar with transporting fine art.